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Wolt is an online food ordering and delivery service that takes orders via a mobile app. It was founded in 2014 in Helsinki. 

Wolt allows any restaurant and numerous stores to sign up as a merchant, mediating the order from the customer, taking care of the delivery and automatic payment by credit card.

Wolt is the easiest way to find and order great food from hundreds of restaurants and stores in Europe: Cyprus, Czechia, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden.

Asian countries that are also members of the Wolt delivery family are Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel, Japan and Kazakhstan.

Wolt delivery

How to redeem a discount coupon?

Here is a simple 3-step guide on how to activate your Wolt promo code WOLTYES and get a discount.

You can simply go on the website: https://get.wolt.com/WOLTYES and register. You will automatically get Wolt credits after you register. You can use this amount for any order from restaurants and stores. You also have to add your credit card details in order to pay for the difference in the order amount.

Wolt background

Wolt delivery originated in Finland. From Helsinki Wolt gradually spread to the whole Europe and also to Asia. Wolt puts great emphasis on satisfied customers thanks to a great customer support, numerous promotions and also fast delivery.

You can order food and other items from numerous stores through websites or Wolt mobile app. After placing your order, you wait on average half an hour at your chosen address. You can easily follow courier location. Thanks to the possibility of setting the time and day of delivery of food, you have a unique opportunity to arrange lunch calmly on the next day.

Wolt delivery is now available in many cities:

  • Athens
  • Banska Bystrica
  • Berlin
  • Bratislava
  • Celje
  • Domžale
  • Dresden
  • Düsseldorf
  • Espoo
  • Frankfurt
  • Hamburg
  • Hanover
  • Helsinki
  • Izola
  • Jelgava
  • Jyvaskyla
  • Jūrmala
  • Kaunas
  • Košice
  • Klaipėda
  • Koper
  • Kranj
  • Kuopio
  • Larnaca
  • Lahti
  • Larissa
  • Leipzig
  • Linköping
  • Liepāja
  • Ljubljana
  • Malta
  • Maribor
  • Munich
  • Murska Sobota
  • Narva
  • Nicosia
  • Nitra
  • Nova Gorica
  • Novo mesto
  • Nuremberg
  • Oulu
  • Patras
  • Parnu
  • Panevėžys
  • Prague
  • Presov
  • Ptuj
  • Riga
  • Tallinn
  • Tampere
  • Tartu
  • Thessaloniki
  • Tikkurila
  • Trnava
  • Turku
  • Vaasa
  • Velenje
  • Vilnius
  • Žilina
  • Stuttgart
  • Šiauliai
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